Capitaine futur

The superpowers of the imagination

Both a narrative device and childrens’ invisible alter ego, Capitaine futur shares his passion for the amazing far-flung locales and curious inhabitants found in emerging fields of contemporary art. He is an apostle of observation, a storyteller whose tales span worlds, ages and techniques. Capitaine futur adds a dose of poetry and sensitivity to daily life, conveys universal notions of sharing and togetherness, and offers a different perspective on cultural programming for children in the Internet age.

Super-natural: stories of worlds to come

Peering through the abstraction of machines, Capitaine futur sees the shorelines of a world in which a host of singular species coexist.

In one area, virtual animals, domestic algorithms and learning robots are blazing a trail between memory rocks. In another, mutant plants conceal cybernetic forests and biotope networks are weaving their web. Artificial intelligence forms great expanses and electronic bacteria code the skyline far and wide. This organic, composite, living world is a crossroads of power, relationships and obstacles, solar heat and seismic forces, flows and interactions. It is a supernatural place conducive to reflection on technological, dematerialised, complex environments and the ubiquitous machines that have become natural elements in our lives. It challenges us to rethink how we live, communicate and use our senses.
What tools must we craft to survive, experience, adjust to and negotiate these new types of coexistence? Is this an intermediate stage of natural evolution or a ‘big bang’ of singularities? What new configurations and conditions of existence are in store?

“Supernatural: stories of worlds to come” aims to elicit poetic visions, narrative approaches and fictional tales that recount a land where humans are no longer central and undergo a metamorphosis upon contact with heterogeneous beings.

We are entering an era of hybrid ecology. Where do we go from here?

Les Voyages de Capitaine futur - Joseph Callioni