Capitaine futur and the Super-nature

Dear friend,

Aboard Capsulo, my bouncing ship,
I journeyed across the great plains of the Wild Wild World crafted by humankind.
In this weather-worn land spun by the Web lies a forest of cybernetic ivy.
Suddenly, this Super-nature absorbed me with powerful vitality into spellbinding depths
bearing traces of winds and beings, and then erased my tracks in spectacular fashion.
I lost my balance and opened my eyes to discover fantastic biodiversity.
Parsing the layers of the panorama before me, a host of new messengers expanded my mind
– virtual animals, electronic virus, fetish screens, emotive plants, nostalgic cables, primal energy, mathematical organisms,
insatiable computers, mute rocks and more –
all of which connected by emotions and circulating streams of information, as well as powers of calculation and human and nonhuman
Before crossing back over the edge of the computing clouds,
I placed in the palm of my hand fragments of these obsolescent forms of existence,
which bore an uncanny resemblance to bits of a mirror in which the future reverberated.

Capitaine futur