An interdisciplinary research

Two environments, two projects , an exhibition but one inderdisciplinarity.

Where’s the connexion?
There is a confluence of interacting diverse topics between art, education and technology.

Why ?
They promote the field of experimentation and liberty, they enrich and diversify the repertory of digital work and support of educational development.

What kind of needs ?
To create and experiment with emerging and unstable technologies and take advantage of a rapidly changing technological environment and update their skills.

What kind of expected results ?
The continuous training, innovation spirit, adaptability to technological changes.

All those three topics want to explore innovative ways of being and doing together, of being peer-to-peer in an equality relationship, of exploring open source solutions, of collectively producing knowledge, of multiplying their share in network and increase them. The words that they use based the emergence of a culture of “co” (collaboration, co-design, co-working) linked to the values of society.

Both of them give lots of innovative possibilities, as far to pupils as to professionals from every background, to appropriate the contemporary world and the changes underway in heterogeneous contexts.
They are a bench of experimentation and production with creative and educational content.

Merging those 3 pylons, automatically we can see a collaboration which has been created between education, technology and art.

However, the synergy between arts and academic learning more precisely La Gaîté Lyrique and CRI is one that can be harnessed by students, teachers and schools as a way to integrate the arts into curricula to enhance student motivation, engagement, and learning. It is also an effective alternative mean of increasing academic achievement.